From The Pampas to The Remarkables…..

The traditional Churrasco (Barbecue) method was forged by the Gaúcho (cowboy) of the South Brazilian plains.

After a long day spent on horseback the Gaúcho would set up camp. He would then dig a hole in which to build his fire (Fogo) protected from The Pampas winds. Once the Fogo was roaring, the Gaúcho would slow roast his bounty caught that day.

As the sun set over the Rio Grande do Sul, the Gaúcho, content with a belly full of churrasco, would slumber in the quiet of the plains.


Fogo Queenstown – the Southern most Churrascaria in the world – brings you the experience of Brazilian Rodízio dining.

We slow roast the bounty of New Zealand fazenda (farm’s) over a charcoal grill. Our Passadores (meat waiters) deliver the succulent meats direct to your table. Set your Indicador – dual sided card – to GREEN and the Passador will visit your table to reload your meat.

Set your Indicador to RED and our Passadores will know that you require a rest.

Accompany your churrasco with some of our traditional Brazilian side dishes and your authentic experience is complete….that is until we tempt you to dessert.

For our dessert and À la carte dishes – please refer to our menu section and don’t forget to enquire about our specials in-house.

Friends of the Animals – amante dos animais – We cater for Pescatarian, Vegetarian and Vegan diets.

Our Servers will be only too happy to help with any dietary requirements – please inform them and they will recommend the options for your needs.

FOGO – An experience to savour.